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Stem cell therapy

Stem cell therapy

Stem cells from fat: cells with potential

It is now known that adipose tissue is the most important repository of vital cells, including stem cells and so-called progenitor cells. Since 1994, fat cells and their potential are now the focus of attention. The regenerative effects of stem cells, documented in many studies, show therapeutic applications in orthopedics and other areas of medicine.

These results are not new: veterinary medicine has many years of experience in the therapeutic use of its own body stem cells in thousands of dogs and racehorses. Stem cells extracted from their own animal fat appear to be suitable for the regeneration of damaged joints, bones and cartilage. In addition, they are used for the purpose of general regeneration and improvement of the general condition.


Therapeutic application of stem cells

Many, at first glance, different diseases are based on the same mechanism: tissue damage involves a protective reaction of the body to damaged cells (the so-called autoimmune reaction), then the immune system destroys damaged cells, the process of degeneration begins.

Stem cells can weaken this body reaction and at the same time stimulate the regeneration of damaged cells, tissues and organs. There are many studies around the world in which stem cells are used to treat circulatory disorders, heart disease, diabetes, joint diseases, neurological and endocrine diseases and other chronic and degenerative processes.

Because of the regenerative potential of stem cells, they also help to rejuvenate the skin, help healing, for example, sports injuries and hair growth treatment. In cancer, stem cells are not currently used, as they can contribute to the growth of tumors.

The mode of action of stem cells is based on a natural process that is used in trauma, such as fracture of the bone. Stem cell therapy stimulates the body's own healing process, as more stem cells in the body need to be restored, which promotes healing.


Stem Cell Treatment Procedure

Stem cell therapy from adipose tissue is carried out on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia. First, a small amount of fat is gently obtained by liposuction with a micro-cannula. The isolated stem cells are introduced to the target area (the affected area) immediately after appropriate preparation. The injection site is covered with a sterile dressing, which can be removed after a few hours. In the first week, it is recommended to minimize physical activity as much as possible. In the following weeks, you can gradually increase physical activity. It is often recommended to repeat the procedure. The therapeutic effect can be observed in a few weeks after the injection. Significant improvement in the condition can be felt after 1-4 months, depending on age, weight and ability. Repeat the procedure can be carried out in a few months, depending on the improvement.

It is important to note that in stem cell therapy, no guarantees or promises of healing can be given. Stem cells are not a panacea, despite significant results achieved in this area.