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Nadezhda, 47 years old.

I had back problems for a long time, about 20 years old - Herniated disk between 5 lumbar and 1 sacral disc.  
I did everything I could, including Cortison Therapie - 5 injections 3 times, I lost weight, etc. But it got worse, nothing helped anymore.
Before the surgery I had severe pains and pulled my legs. I almost could not walk, almost always laid.
Finally on 08.28.18 I had operation - endoprosthetics of vertebral discs. After the operation there were severe pains,
but after 4 days the pain began to decrease gradually. I felt relieved from the pain and my mood began to improve.
 I could walk from the first day after operation. A week later, the number of painkillers decreased. I was in the hospital for 9 days,
the impression was good. Everyone was attentive and polite.
A month has passed and there is no pain at all. I am very glad that I decided to make the operation. I feel much better.
Many thanks to the doctor.

Nadezhda, 47 years old.
Natalia, 40 years old

I decided to have the operation a year ago; I replaced two disks on the spine with an endoprosthesis:
one on the cervical vertebra, the other on the lumbar one. Before these operations,
I almost did not leave the house, work was out of the question. Headaches were unbearable.
Not to bend or straighten my back, I could sit for a maximum of 15 minutes without pain.
I lost balance often, when I was outside. Without pain I could walk a maximum of 500 meters.
I could not sleep peacefully. To finding a comfortable position not to feel pain, was problematic for me.
But now everything has changed. My health has improved. After the operations, the first two days were hard and a little scary.
But everything went away and after 2 weeks I went on my own, without pain. Dizziness disappeared as well. A month later,
I started working. I feel great now and advise people with the same problem. If you are desperate and tired of pain and your
 doctor advises you or offers to do this operation, do not hesitate. I decided to do this after one morning I stopped feeling my left leg.
Do not wait till this moment.

Natalia, 40 years old
Fesenko Vitaliy, +38056 788-55-32

Fesenko Vitaliy, +38056 788-55-32

Since 2001, he suffered from pain in the lumbar region, lumbago and numbness in the legs (the effects of sports trauma). I went to many "bone thumpers" who were promised to put on their feet, but apart from worsening and wasted, money did not bring anything.
In 2002 I applied to the ORTONIC clinic. Dr. Nikiforov Igor Alexandrovich sent me to the scanner. According to the results of tomograms, the diagnosis is herniated disc L5-S1. A minimally invasive, endoscopic method of removal of the mesoderminal hernia without a cut-in-chymonucleolysis was prescribed. Operation was successfully completed. After 3 days, the pain was gone. After 6 days, I returned to a full-fledged lifestyle. I do not observe any consequences of the old trauma until now.
In the winter of 2008, as a result of the fall, I received a new trauma to the sacral department. He started his condition until the daily intake of pain medications. The state of health quickly deteriorated: severe pain, inability to move normally. Again turned to "ORTONIC". According to the results of the diagnosis, Dr. Artyom Nikolaevich was diagnosed with a herniated disc L4-L5, plasma evaporation is recommended. The operation took 1 hour and was brilliant. Pain sensations disappeared on the same day. No cuts, a long rehabilitation period was not. On the 4th day I went to work. At the moment I am under the supervision of Artem Nikolaevich.
I want to note the professionalism, sensitivity and care of the medical staff of the clinic "ORTONIK", the speed and availability of treatment.
I express to you a huge gratitude for putting people on their feet !!!
Fesenko Vitaly, 788-55-32
Minimally invasive spinal surgery