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Plasmatherapy (Autologous conditioned plasma)

Plasmatherapy (Autologous conditioned plasma)

ACP (autologous conditioned plasma) is a therapy with the patient's own blood.

This method is carried out by separating ACP from blood. ACP contains a high concentration of growth factors, as well as a regenerating component in the stabilization and treatment of arthrosis.

The method is universal. It eliminates muscle spasms, restores fluid volume in the joint, improves the restoration of cartilage. This technique has many advantages such as fast and long-term effect, practical absence of side effects, absence of rejection reaction, drastic reduction or even discontinuation of medications, rapid and long-term effect.


The process of plasma blood treatment:

1.       Blood sampling from the ulnar vein

2.       Preparation of autogenous substances in concentrated form by the method of separation

3.       Injection of the obtained substances into the damaged area

According to the research results, as a result of treatment, the processes of tissue healing of the corresponding zone are accelerated 2-3 times.