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Height increase

Height increase Height increase

The operation for lengthening the legs (increasing growth) is carried out simultaneously on both legs and consists of three stages:

1. Operation

The operation, during which a special orthopedic device is applied to the leg, after which an osteotomy is performed (bone dissection), bone fragments are fixed by means of the apparatus;

2. Distraction

Distraction (gradual elongation of the limb) begins approximately 1 week after the operation.

The rate of distraction, i.e. the rate of lengthening is 0.75-1 mm per day and depends on the individual patient's tolerability of the procedure. So,

The period of distraction with elongation of the foot by 5 cm is 50-70 days.

3. Fixation

At the end of the distraction, the fixation period begins, which lasts about two times longer than the distraction.


Period of rehabilitation after operation

Gradually, patients increase the load on their legs, and by the middle of the fixing period they can walk without crutches. During this period, they will take restorative gymnastics to strengthen the muscles.

Independently walking with crutches is possible already on 2-3 days after the operation. In general, an increase in growth of 5-6 cm takes 5-7 months.

The maximum increase in growth is limited by the stretchability of the tissues, the patient's initial proportions and is 8-9 cm. This extension can take 8 to 12 months.

All the time of treatment the patient should be in the Center for the observation of doctors, only in this case we can guarantee a successful result. If there is a possibility of qualified observation at the place of residence during the fixation period, outpatient treatment is possible.

Already in 2-3 weeks after removal of devices the patient can return to the daily activity.

In the rehabilitation period, after an operative increase in growth (lengthening of the legs), swimming and dosed walking are recommended. In 2-4 months it is possible to move to heavier loads, sports.

After the operation to extend the legs (increase in growth), only small scars remain, which after a while become almost invisible.