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The femoral revision component of the hip joint endoprosthesis has a conical shaped leg and a neck located at an angle of 135 degrees. Along the longitudinal axis of the legs are grooves, separated from each other by ribs of different widths. Three wide support and three sharp narrow ribs are located at an angle of 60 degrees and provide a high stability of the prosthesis, and the grooves allow the growth of bone tissue and do not interfere with bone plastic surgery of cavity defects of the femur through the medullary canal.

The intramedullary blocking metal-polymeric retainer is in the form of a cylindrical rod. In the proximal and distal parts of it are through slots filled with bioinert polymeric material, which makes it possible to block the rod without X-ray control, and also eliminates the appearance of fatigue fractures of the screws at the place of metal / metal contact. At the proximal end of the latch are ribs that stabilize the implant in the spongy substance of the proximal metaepiphysis of the thigh and prevent the rotation of the latch.
Antiprotic mesh
It is used in endoprosthetics of the hip joint with protrusion cocksite and revision endoprosthetics.


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