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Physiotherapy, low-frequency magnetotherapy, electromyosimulation,


Bioptron - Improve blood microcirculation

-          Harmonization of metabolic processes

-          Strengthening the body's defense system

-          Stimulation of the regenerative and reparative processes of the whole organism

-          Accelerating wound healing

-          Relieve pain or decrease its intensity.



BIOPTRON About 1- innovative, certified for use in medical practice device for light therapy. It is designed for the prevention and treatment of diseases, as well as for accelerating the process of rehabilitation after illness, surgery or trauma, since the Zepter BIOPTRON PRO 1 lamp is ideal for wound healing, tissue repair and pain management. Clinical studies have confirmed the high efficiency of the ZEPTER BIOPTRON PRO 1 device in the treatment of childhood diseases, rheumatic diseases, sports injuries, as well as for physiotherapy. In addition, with its help you can achieve excellent results in cosmetic skin care. The filter diameter of the BIOPTRON PRO 1 is 11 cm, which allows the treatment of various areas of the body. Bioptron Lamp Zepter BIOPTRON Pro 1, like other devices of the constellation BIOPTRON, generates a special kind of light that has all the useful properties of the natural solar spectrum, but without the possible harmful influence of ultraviolet. Modern technologies of the company Zepter allow to recreate these qualities and harmoniously use the natural properties of light, affecting the body gently and effectively. Application of Zepter BIOPTRON PRO 1 light creates a feeling of complete relaxation and well-being. It helps to regain the energy necessary for daily life. At the same time BIOPTRON's light Pro 1 is absolutely safe!


Low-frequency magnetotherapy    

Has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, improves microcirculation and local blood circulation, accelerating reparative regeneration

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It is used to prevent muscle atrophy during prolonged immobilization, as well as in the recovery period.
miostimul1.jpg Ð­Ð»ÐµÐºÑ‚ромиостимулятор


It is used to prevent muscle atrophy during prolonged immobilization, as well as in the recovery period.

Виброакустический аппарат




 The procedure relieves pain and tension, gives the body strength and vivacity. This device was developed for more than 20 years for use by Soviet cosmonauts as a simple means for independent and rapid removal of pain of a different nature and tension. After many years of successful use within the Soviet space program, the device was improved by leading Russian scientists and adapted for civilian applications.