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Massage Massage Massage Massage

Massage is scientifically grounded, proven by many years of practice, the most physiological for the body by a wellness remedy. It is used both for preventive purposes - for general strengthening of the body, and for medicinal purposes. Therapeutic massage is used as an independent method, as well as in combination with other methods of treatment in various fields of medicine: surgery, orthopedics, gynecology, therapy, neurology, etc.

To therapeutic massage can be attributed almost all known types of massage, tk. they have these or other healing properties.

Therapeutic massage is used to accelerate the restoration of the functions of the organs and systems of the body in their diseases and injuries.

Depending on the nature of the functional disorders, therapeutic massage is used in a variety of modifications, has its own methodology, indications and contraindications.

The physiological effect of the massage is primarily to improve the lymph and blood circulation of the skin, muscles, which contributes to:

-          skin cleansing and improving breathing through the pores of the skin (oxygen saturation);

-          increase the tone of muscles and skin, which makes the skin supple and smooth;

-          normalization of the functions of the cardiovascular system;

-          activation of the general and local metabolism of the organism;

-          stimulation of the body's defenses (immunity);

-          elimination of stagnant phenomena;

-          beneficial effects on the central and peripheral nervous systems;

-          removal of nervous stress, chronic fatigue, psychoemotional arousal;

-          mood and vitality.

Massage can be manual and hardware. By the method of its implementation, it can be

-          classic / curative

-          rehabilitation massage

-          prophylactic

-          sports

-          anti-cellulite

Classical massage / therapeutic private - is an effective method of treatment of various diseases, contributes to the elimination of pain, edema, adhesions, normalization of body function, acceleration of regeneration processes of injured tissues. Therapeutic massage includes reflexogenic massage - directly affecting the problem area, indirectly, through exposure to certain skin areas, which by reflex action improves the activity of internal organs.

General classic / preventive / health / hygienic massage - improves the functional state of the organism, maintains the level of vitality, relieves chronic fatigue, depression, increases physical efficiency mobilizes the protective reaction of the body to infections, promotes good mood.

 Rehabilitation massage - in conjunction with exercise therapy, prevents the development of contractures, reduces pain, edema of tissues, normalizes the functions of the neuromuscular system.

Sports massage - restores muscle strength, increases its efficiency, relieves fatigue, improves physical performance, helps prevent injuries to the musculoskeletal system and muscle tissue. strengthens joints and ligaments.

Anti-cellulite massage - improves the inflow and outflow of blood, lymph, and intercellular fluid throughout the body, promotes the removal of toxins, improves metabolic processes in the body. In the course of anti-cellulite massage, in addition to the problem areas, the muscles of the whole organism are worked out.

Massage is not a luxury, but a necessity for maintaining your health.

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