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Hand fracture

Hand fracture

A wrist fracture can also be categorized as the most common and frequent injuries of the forearm, as well as a fracture of the arm bone. Indeed, this section of the upper limb is very fragile, and we sometimes do not even consider this and expect this bone to have fantastic strength.

The main symptoms are the inability to compress the hand into a fist, severe pain, swelling, deformity of the phalanx.



To identify the fracture of the bones of the wrist, several diagnostic methods are used. First, they examine the external characteristics and carry out palpation of the wrist. To confirm the extent and location of the trauma, an X-ray photograph is taken. A serious wrist fracture, which is accompanied by a massive displacement, requires an MRI diagnosis, which allows you to determine the smallest fragments of the bones.



The very first thing is to reposition the destroyed parts of the bone. As a rule, this procedure requires anesthesia, and in some cases - surgical intervention. After comparing the bones, the injured limb is immobilized, that is, a plaster bandage is applied until the bone itself grows together.

To maintain immobility in the limb, use a variety of methods:

1. A plaster splint or a splint (these two methods can be used together and without surgery).

2.Metallic plate with screws (requires an operation)

3. Installation of conventional screws that do not have restraining elements (also requires surgical intervention)

If the patient is very sensitive to pain (especially the elderly), a wrist fracture treatment will include the use of pain medications. Most often, you can do with taking analgin or baralgin tablets, taking into account the individual characteristics of the body. In a plaster bandage, or other fixing element, the patient can go from 8 to 11 weeks. When the plaster is removed, X-rays are made again to make sure that the bones are not displaced.

During the rehabilitation period it is necessary to perform exercises that will strengthen the muscles and improve the range of movements in the wrist. In this case, you need to seek help from a physiotherapist. All the exercises are prescribed by the doctor, after the bones have found a sufficient strength. It is better to forget about sports for a few months until the wrist is fully strengthened.