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Forearm fracture

Forearm fracture

The most popular is a fracture of the radius, especially in the region of the wrist. There are also combined fractures of the radial and ulnar bones.

The main symptoms are severe pain, limb movement limitation, flow, hematoma or bleeding from the wound (in case of an open fracture).

A dislocation of the elbow joint is also common. It is quite often met in sports.

The main symptoms of the dislocation are pain in the elbow, the joint is deformed, swollen, any movements are very painful, there may be burning or tingling in the elbow area, numbness, the skin in the forearm and the hand is pale and cold to the touch.


Practically in all cases, it is possible to diagnose the formation of a fracture of the radial bone already during the examination of the victim. In order to finally confirm the diagnosis and establish the nature, as well as the degree of damage, without fail, during the diagnosis the patient is assigned to conduct additional radiographic examination.

Thanks to the X-ray, it is possible to confirm the formation of a fracture, and its features are more accurately determined. Only when the diagnosis is confirmed and the degree of bone damage is established that the doctor prescribes a course of treatment.


If during the fracture there was no characteristic displacement, then a special plaster lingeta will be applied to the damage site, which should be worn for a month or sometimes even longer.

When a fracture is accompanied by an offset, then a closed reposition is performed. Simultaneous fracture of the radial and ulnar bone is characterized by certain difficulties. The fact is that these two bones of the forearm have a fairly strong connection, not only in anatomical, but also in functional significance. That is why their simultaneous repositioning will have some difficulties.

As well as isolated fractures of the bones of the forearm, and fracture of the radial and ulnar bone, there are certain indications for immediate operative intervention. In case of timely and correct treatment and an exact fragment reposition, there is a very favorable prognosis for a patient.