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Clavicle fracture

Clavicle fracture

It occurs when you fall from a height to an elongated hand or as a result of a strong blow to this area.

A person can sometimes complain about dizziness, light sweat, darkening in the eyes. The skin around the injury acquires a crimson hue. Also, with a fracture, the nearest nerve endings can be damaged. In this case, sensitivity is lost in the fracture site.

Having got the injury, the damaged limb will visually appear to be much longer than the healthy arm. On the part of the damage, the shoulder joint itself will be located below the healthy joint, while it can protrude far forward, which is one of the fracture signs of the clavicle. The injured person with this kind of fracture the damaged limb will stick to the elbow or forearm, and try to squeeze it as tightly as possible to the body.


It is not complicated to diagnose the presence of a fracture of the collarbone, since this type of injury is characterized by the pronounced clinical signs. To confirm the diagnosis, without fail, X-ray examination of the injured limb is made.

In all cases of fracture of the clavicle there is a need for carrying out a radiography that has a diagnostic purpose. Thus, the doctor can determine the presence of the displacement that occurred, and also the degree of severity of the fracture. In addition, using an X-ray, it becomes possible to distinguish the fracture from the dislocation of the clavicle. When the final diagnosis is specified, a course of treatment will be prescribed.


Rigid fixation with a plaster bandage is used. It is necessary to use an anesthetic to remove severe attacks of pain that will constantly disturb the injured person before the fixation is made.

In the absence of bone fusion, there is a need for surgical intervention.

The victim will be prescribed a special course of medical gymnastics that is possible after the doctor's permission.

If the patient is diagnosed with a fracture of the clavicle with an offset, then the special bandage will be used and will be fixed with plaster. When lifting the damaged shoulder and withdrawing it back, the bone fragments return to their habitual position.

In case of a large amount of displaced fragments due to fracture of the clavicle, a special splint is used that is connected from two Cramer splints.

In some severe cases, immediate surgical intervention is necessary. Such a need may arise as a result of a serious damage of the neuromuscular junction or in case of high risk that it may occur during the fragments repositioning.