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Rehabilitation Rehabilitation
Mud Treatment

Mud treatment. Silt sulphide mud of Lake Saki

The complex and multifaceted effect on the body of the Saka mud is largely determined by its chemical basis: the activity of the medium (pH), volatile substances (hydrogen sulphide), inorganic ions (sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, etc.) and organic compounds, microelements, biologically active substances such as sex hormones, vitamins, amino acids, lipids, etc. Penetrating into the body through intact skin and mucous membranes, these substances are actively distributed across tissues and organs, activating the reactions of oxidation of biological substrates, intensifying bioenergetic processes, replenishing the energy costs spent on fighting inflammation. The presence of hydrogen sulphide in the silt sulphide mud and the formation of iron hydride (the most active component) with its participation determines the unique, incomparably high biological activity of these peloids. The content of sulfur and mineral salts in mud favorably affects the normalization of skin functions, increasing skin lympho- and blood flow; a high concentration of silicon compounds creates a colloidal phenomenon that provides good trophism to the skin epithelium. The organic compounds found in the mud, which have a pronounced antibacterial effect (phenols, alkylphenol, penicillin-like substances - the products of the life activity of the saprophytic microflora), and also the antagonism of the microbial community of the ooze relative to the foreign conditionally pathogenic organisms determine such an important quality of dirt as bactericidal activity.

Thus, pelotherapy has the ability to mobilize all the mechanisms of the body, which can be observed by increase in the activity of various cellular structures, enzymes, hormones, vitamins and all kinds of metabolism.


Liquid mud preparations of the "Biol" series - a new page in mud therapy

On the basis of the therapeutic mud of Lake Saki, the mud preparation "Biol" and the hygiene product "Fito-Biol" containing the whole complex of mineral salts that are present in whole mud, microelements, active organic substances and biogenic stimulators in high concentration (150-180 g / l).

Mud preparations have a pronounced biochemical effect on the body: they have a stimulating effect on the regenerative and reparative processes in tissues, have a beneficial effect on the processes of energy metabolism and metabolism, have a normalizing effect on the nervous system, muscle tone, increase the volume of movements in the joints, are good painkillers , anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agents. They activate peripheral blood circulation, immune and enzyme systems, improve breathing and trophism of tissues; increase vitality.

The good tolerability of the drugs, the absence of side effects, the gentle sparing nature of the balneological action, together with the high therapeutic efficiency, make them most suitable for children, elderly and weakened people with contraindications to mud treatment.

In stationary, ambulatory and even home conditions, the liquid mud preparation "Biol" can be applied with high efficiency to treat a wide range of diseases using the methods of electrophoresis, vacuum electrophoresis, vaginal baths and irrigation, microclysters, compresses, rinses and intensive inhalations.

Hygiene means "Phyto-Biol" is an active organomineral base extracted from the Saki mud and enriched with extracts of medicinal plants. Extracts and essential oils of Crimean lavender, sage, fir in a balanced combination with mud minerals and microelements form a complex that is indispensable in the treatment of diseases of the ENT organs and the bronchopulmonary system, dental and skin problems. Mineral balsam "Fito-Biol" perfectly proved itself with partial hair loss and hair loss, brittle nail plates and excess fatty deposits under the skin.


Silt sulphide mud of Lake Saki

The therapeutic mud contains a unique combination of organic substances, minerals and trace elements in high concentration. It has an anti-inflammatory and regenerative effect on problem areas of the skin, deeply cleans it, removes dead cells, removes toxins and toxins. Dirt has a beneficial effect on blood circulation, reduces the allergic mood of the body.

It is used for diseases of the musculoskeletal system, central and peripheral nervous system, gynecological diseases, male sexual sphere, dental and skin diseases, cellulite prevention and in the form of peeling during cosmetic and health procedures.

The effect of recovery for vaginal and rectal mud treatment is often manifested in cases where traditional medicine methods are untenable. The influence of thermal, mechanical, chemical factors, biologically active substances of mud, increases blood flow to the mucous membrane, improves nutrition and trophism of tissues, has anti-inflammatory effect, increases hormonal activity, which contributes to the restoration of body functions in the following diseases:

-          Female diseases: infertility due to inflammatory diseases of the uterus, tubes, appendages, underdevelopment of the genital organs, - hormonal infertility; perimetritis, perisalpingitis, adhesive disease, chronic salpingoophoritis, metroendometritis - uterine deviations, menopause, frigidity.

-          Male diseases: male infertility, impotence - chronic epididymitis, orchitis, prostatitis, vesiculitis - hormonal insufficiency.

-          Diseases of the rectum: proctitis, paraproctitis.

Wrapping mud in combination with massage and applying mud preparations - Biol, Fito-Biol greatly contribute to the elimination of cellulite, lifting of flabby and flaccid skin, smoothing of wrinkles and prevention of its premature aging.


Lotion "GAYA" - a means for skin care of face and body

Lotion "Gaia" is a hygienic product intended for daily care of the problem skin and prevention of its aging.

It is a clear, colorless or slightly colored liquid with a characteristic smell of essential oils or perfume fragrances.

Due to the active natural basis - a saturated high mineralized solution (Sak dirt discharge) - it has an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and cleansing effect. Biologically active components of the lotion significantly improve trophic and respiratory skin, promote its saturation with the necessary minerals, trace elements and energy donators. The agent penetrates deeply into the pores of the skin, purifying and normalizing their functions; stabilizes the fat skin balance. Has a light whitening effect.

Indications for use:

The drug is recommended as a cosmetic for seborrhea, acne, porous, easily inflamed, flaccid skin, wrinkled and streaky skin of the neck and chest; to prevent premature aging and withering of healthy skin. As a regenerant after removing makeup and shaving.

Cosmetic mask on clay base

Cosmetic mask is made on the basis of bentonite (blue) clays of the Crimean deposits. The therapeutic and cosmetic effect of the clay mask is due to the unique combination of its natural physicochemical and biological properties, optimally developed by the technology of thorough cleaning and ultrafine grinding of the bentonite base. Due to its high sorption and ion exchange capacity, the drug, deeply penetrating the skin, has an active degreasing and cleansing effect on the skin, shows regenerative and anti-inflammatory activity, eliminates irritation, promotes rapid healing of pustules and acne. Adsorbing slags, toxins, dead cells, debris of decorative cosmetics and excess fat, the mask deeply and at the same time delicately cleanses the skin, pores, improves complexion, makes it supple and smooth. Has a slight bleaching effect. The composition is an excellent carrier of "Biol" and mineral balm "Fito-Biol"; Used to dilute (soften) the mud cosmetic mask "Gaia" with dry sensitive skin.

Indications: It is intended for skin care of face, neck, body. Seborrhea, eczema, acne, dermatitis, furunculosis, herpes rashes on the skin; unhealthy complexion; skin prone to fading; prevention of premature skin aging; diseases of the hair.


Cosmetic mask "GAYA" on the basis of sulphide mud of Lake Saki

Mud mask "Gaia" is made on the basis of an organomineral colloidal complex extracted from the Saki mud. It is a homogeneous mass of creamy-like consistency, dark gray color, with a characteristic smell of essential oils or perfume fragrances. Above, it is protected from active oxidation by a layer of liquid that is easily mixed before use with the main substance. Contains a complex of mineral salts, microelements and biologically active substances, characteristic for the native mud of Lake Saki. Mud cosmetic mask "Gaia" has a pronounced healing and rejuvenating effect. Under the influence of mask improves capillary blood and lymph circulation, metabolism in all layers of the skin, tissue respiration, oxidation-reduction processes are accelerated. As a result, a healthy complexion returns, the skin acquires a velvety hue, elasticity and elasticity. Deeply penetrating the skin, the drug has a stimulating effect on the regenerative processes, normalizes the tone of facial (facial) muscles. Thus, a noticeable effect of a noticeable reduction in wrinkles, unevennesses, and pigment spots is achieved. Under the action of the mask, irritations disappear when weathering, frostbite, allergies, soften and dissolve scars. Due to the powerful absorption properties of the mud base, the preparation perfectly cleanses the skin, removing external contaminants, makeup residues and fat, significantly increases its bactericidal activity and normalizes the fat balance. The "Gaia" mask also has an excellent effect on the roots of the scalp, strengthening, nourishing them and promoting more active growth.

Indications for use: Youthful acne, enlarged pores, flabby, aging and aging face and neck skin, keloid scars, cosmetic effects, traces of burns, frostbite, sluggish irritable skin, partial baldness and hair loss. Prevention of premature aging of the skin of the face, neck, chest.


Cosmetic mask "GAYA" on the basis of opaque (volcanic) dirt

Cosmetic mask "Gaia" is made on the basis of a unique in origin and physico-chemical properties of mud, poured over a multikilometer tectonic fault of the Kerch Peninsula from the comparative volcanoes. A natural, balanced composition of coarse dirt containing easily digestible minerals, organic compounds (humic and silicic acids, enzymes, lipids, resins) and the rarest trace elements (selenium, boron, iodine, bromine, rubidium, etc.) imparts a cosmetic mask on its basis truly miraculous properties. Due to the delicate structure of the mud base, the mineral mask is acceptable and useful for any type of skin, including for the most capricious - dry sensitive skin of the face and neck and chest. The mask has an active anti-inflammatory and biostimulating effect. Its composition activates microcirculation of blood, metabolism in the skin; well cleanses and restores injured epidermis. After the first procedure, the skin acquires a well-groomed and healthy appearance. The mask is indispensable for restoring the natural elasticity of the skin of all types, with a tendency to acne, juvenile acne and inflammatory foci of the skin. Application of a comparable composition on the scalp contributes to a significant improvement in the condition of the hair: the secretion of the sebaceous glands is normalized, the normal function of the hair follicles is restored and, as a result, the hair acquires a lively natural shine. Possessing strong antimicrobial and antifungal properties, the mask is very effective for the prevention and elimination of dandruff. Indications: Care for healthy and problem skin of the face, neck, chest, other delicate areas of the body. Skin stretching, incl. postpartum. Acne rash, abscesses, boils. Weak, emaciated hair, dandruff.