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Laparoscopic operation

Laparoscopic operation

Laparoscopic operations on the spine are mini-invasive procedures, and therefore have less trauma, minimal side effects and provide faster recovery of the patient along with other methods of minimally invasive spine surgery (endoscopic, for example).

This method of treatment is applicable if the patient has such diseases of the spine:

·         Hernias and degenerative processes of the intervertebral disc;

·         Injuries of the lumbosacral spine;

·         Tumors of the lumbosacral spine;

·         Instability of vertebrae of the lumbosacral department;

·         Osteochondrosis of the lumbosacral spine with persistent pain syndrome.

Laparoscopic operations have obvious advantages:

-          do not open the vertebral canal to access the vertebral bodies;

-          absence of traumatization of the posterior invertebral muscles and ligaments of the spine;

-          minimization of postoperative complications;

-          rapid recovery of the patient after surgery.