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Epidural neurolysis (Racz procedure)

Epidural neurolysis (Racz procedure)

Epidural neurolysis (Racz procedure)


Variants of the epidural neurology method:

·         Through hiatus sacralis

·         The traditional introduction of a controlled catheter into the interstitial spaces under the control of the image intensifier


Medication combinations:

·         Lidocaine

·         Bupivacaine

·         Hypertonic NaCl solution

·         Enzyme preparations (hyaluronidase, chylase, lidase)

·         Surgery zones

·         Indications:

·         Long-term (> 3 months) pain

·         Intolerable acute pain due to prolapse of disc herniation

·         Confirmed CT scan of disc prolapse or stenosis of the spinal canal

·         Postoperative scar formation in the epidural space


Relative indications:

·         Radicular syndrome

·         Hypertrophy of the yellow ligament

·         Osteoarthrosis arthrosis



·         Sepsis

·         Coagulopathy

·         Local infection

·         Pregnancy

·         Allergy to medications used