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Plasma low temperature disc evaporation

Plasma low temperature disc evaporation
Treatment of herniated intervertebral discs without incision.
Back pain is a problem of quite a large number of people, and the number of cases and the age range of patients increases every year. This is what leads to a further search for methods of treating degenerative diseases of the spine. Despite the huge number of diseases accompanied by pain in the back, most often the doctor has to face two pathologies - hernia discs and spondyloarthrosis - the disease of the joints of the spine.
Standard open operative methods of treatment of hernias have a number of disadvantages, such as greater traumatism, the risk of damage to nervous structures, problems associated with the formation of scar tissue. It is in this light that the use of minimally invasive methods is becoming more urgent.
For quite a long time, the only method of minimally invasive hernia treatment that domestic medicine could offer was a laser evaporation method, good in its concept, but because of the use of high-energy laser radiation, rich in complications. This was the reason for his discrediting and refusal from him in the leading medical circles. In the post-Soviet countries, the laser continues to be used for lack of an alternative.
The search for new solutions led the scientific world to create a setup for low-temperature plasma evaporation, where radio frequency energy is used to excite electrolytes in a conducting medium and to create a clearly focused beam of plasma, which is not accompanied by the release of heat. The method of plasma nucleoplasty has been successfully used abroad for more than 10 years, in Ukraine the method has been used for about 4 years. Our clinic is an innovator of this technology. This method causes a reduction in the amount of disk protrusion, as well as intra-disk decompression. Manipulation is carried out under X-ray control and local anesthesia, which approximates the probability of damage to nerve structures to zero.

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Absolute condition for carrying out plasma nucleoplasty is the integrity of the fibrous ring, otherwise the procedure is ineffective. Manipulation is carried out on an outpatient basis.

Protrusions and prolapses with a preserved yellow ligament.

Sequential hernia discs.
Inflammatory diseases of discs.

Combined spinal stenosis.





40-70 deg.

more than 400 grad.

Thermal penetration

is minimal


Effect in the site of impact,

Gentle influence, dissolution

As a result of rapid

heating - burn

Effect on surrounding tissues

Minimal impact

Areas of charring

and burns