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Most orthopedists believe that the torticollis in newborns is primarily a congenital malformation, more often obtained during the childbirth. This disease is not insured for babies born to the world, even by cesarean section. It should be noted in infants with gluteal fetal diligence it is more common than in others. To determine the exact cause of this diagnosis, a specialist consultation is required: Pediatrician, Orthopedist, Neuropathologist.

Causes of torticollis in newborns:

• Deformation of one or more vertebrae, a structure disorder;

• In case of excessive unilateral pressure on the uterus, the head is not correctly positioned;

• In prenatal inflammation of the muscle inflammations form in the chronic form, the muscle becomes shorter and loses its elasticity;

• In difficult births, the muscle can tear, and the muscle fibers will go into the tendons. In the place where the scar is emerged, the muscles lag behind the entire length of the growth.

• With malformations of the mastoid muscles.



With the treatment of torticollis, it is better not to delay, but to start at two weeks of age. Forced position of the head of the baby can lead to asymmetry of the face and skull. At the older age, left without treatment for torticollis leads to scoliosis (curvature of the spine) and deformities of the face. The older the child, the harder it is to heal.

Methods of treating torticollis in infants

• Massage for newborns with crooked;

• Medical gymnastics;

• Treatment by position;

• Physiotherapy;

• Circle for bathing newborns;

• Apply a special collar made of cardboard, lined with cotton and gauze. (Shantz Collar)

• Exercised in the pool (bathroom)