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Еndoprosthesis of hip joint

Еndoprosthesis of hip joint
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The endoprosthesis is an artificial joint made of biologically neutral materials (stainless steel or titanium alloys). There are two main groups of endoprostheses: single-pole, designed to replace only the damaged hip head, and total, which are used to completely replace the damaged hip (femoral and pelvic parts).

There are also bipolar endoprostheses with a double knot of rotation.


 The basis for the successful functioning of the artificial joint is a knot in which a movement consisting of a head and an insert made of a high molecular weight polymer or ceramic is carried out.
Колпачковый эндопротез

In the event that only the cartilaginous part of the joint is destroyed, with the head of the femur preserved, it is possible to install a cap endoprosthesis (prosthetics of the joint surface).

Endoplant NANOS hip endoprosthesis (shortened leg) allows to perform an endoprosthesis with less fracture of the femur without reducing the reliability of fixation!

 Ð­Ð½Ð´Ð¾Ð¿Ñ€Ð¾Ñ‚ез с укороченной ножкой   

Depending on the condition of the bone tissue of your body, you will be offered either cementless or cement joint prosthesis (in the case of osteoporosis). The latter involves the fixation in bone of the endoprosthesis elements with special bone cement.



         cementless endoprosthesis                              cement endoprosthesis