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Fesenko Vitaliy, +38056 788-55-32

Fesenko Vitaliy, +38056 788-55-32

Since 2001, he suffered from pain in the lumbar region, lumbago and numbness in the legs (the effects of sports trauma). I went to many "bone thumpers" who were promised to put on their feet, but apart from worsening and wasted, money did not bring anything.
In 2002 I applied to the ORTONIC clinic. Dr. Nikiforov Igor Alexandrovich sent me to the scanner. According to the results of tomograms, the diagnosis is herniated disc L5-S1. A minimally invasive, endoscopic method of removal of the mesoderminal hernia without a cut-in-chymonucleolysis was prescribed. Operation was successfully completed. After 3 days, the pain was gone. After 6 days, I returned to a full-fledged lifestyle. I do not observe any consequences of the old trauma until now.
In the winter of 2008, as a result of the fall, I received a new trauma to the sacral department. He started his condition until the daily intake of pain medications. The state of health quickly deteriorated: severe pain, inability to move normally. Again turned to "ORTONIC". According to the results of the diagnosis, Dr. Artyom Nikolaevich was diagnosed with a herniated disc L4-L5, plasma evaporation is recommended. The operation took 1 hour and was brilliant. Pain sensations disappeared on the same day. No cuts, a long rehabilitation period was not. On the 4th day I went to work. At the moment I am under the supervision of Artem Nikolaevich.
I want to note the professionalism, sensitivity and care of the medical staff of the clinic "ORTONIK", the speed and availability of treatment.
I express to you a huge gratitude for putting people on their feet !!!
Fesenko Vitaly, 788-55-32
Minimally invasive spinal surgery